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Solmate Cotton Thinking Cap


Brand Solmate

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Keep your head warm with a delightfully multi-coloured beanie cap knitted from recycled cotton! Shaped to fit your heat snugly, this cap will keep the winter chill at bay.

Knitted from recycled cotton.

These caps come in two colours: dark and bright.

The exact patterns and colours may vary from what is in the picture as each are individually made.

I think we can all agree that life is too short for matching socks. Knitted in the U.S.A. with recycled cotton, these colourful and multi-patterned mismatched socks are an excellent gift. Whether you wear them all day at work, save them for snuggling up on the couch at the end of the day or use them to help keep feet warm at night, a pair of Solmate Socks is a truly unique gift that's sure to bring a smile whenever they are worn.

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