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Scaramanga Small Wide Satchel Handle And Front Pocket


Brand Scaramanga

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Drawing inspiration from the classic school satchel of yesteryear, Scaramanga have come up with a little masterpiece of form and functionality.

Handmade from the finest buffalo leather, using traditional techniques, this satchel is a durable and stylish alternative to a handbag, and its spacious inner compartment and front pocket give you loads of room for all your daily essentials, and will potentially fit an iPad. This satchel is a truly classy accessory, whether for business or pleasure.

The satchel measures 33cm x 25cm x 10cm


Inspired by the look and design of the vintage satchel, Carl Morenikeji founded Scaramanga in 2006. With a desire to recreate the exceptional quality of the satchels of the past, Scaramanga engage in and are inspired by the traditional methods and tools of leather craftsmenship, with their very first products being created within long established leather work communities.  

With their products still being created using the same methods that were employed more than eighty years ago, Scaramanga are proud of the traditional and vintage accessories they offer to the customer, and their success has lead to branching out in to a wide variety of options from the classic satchel to miniature variations and robust leather wallets. Perfect choices for school, work, or simple fashion.


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