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Origami Jewellery Rabbit Necklace


Brand Origami Jewellery

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Playful and standing on his sturdy little back legs, this Japanese origami inspired necklace features the perpetually cute rabbit. Inquisitive, he stands ready for the slightest movement. The folds required to create the paper design are faithfully represented in this stunning necklace.

Made from gold plated sterling silver, this necklace by Clare and Arnaud of Origami Jewellery, this necklace is cutting edge and unique. A thoughtful gift for the lady who loves things cute and cuddly, this origami rabbit gold necklace is sure to be firm favourite.

Pendant: 2cm x 1.8cm
Necklace: 72cm circular length

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese creativity, Clare and Arnaud of Origami Jewellery, combined the endless possibilities of origami with precious metals to create this stunning and innovative origami cat gold necklace. The inquisitive cat, poised and alert, glides gracefully in this beautiful fold.

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