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Origami Jewellery Circle Pegasus Necklace


Brand Origami Jewellery

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A creature of ancient Greek myth, this origami gold necklace is based on the winged divine stallion Pegasus. Sired by Poseidon, Pegasus is a symbol of wisdom. Made by Origami Jewellery and based on a paper Japanese origami design, the result is then crafted from precious metal.

The finish of the origami Pegasus is heavenly and definitely a necklace of contemporary luxury.

Available in both silver and plated gold.

Pendant: 2cm x 2cm
Necklace: 44cm circular length

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese creativity, Clare and Arnaud of Origami Jewellery, combined the endless possibilities of origami with precious metals to create this stunning and innovative origami cat gold necklace. The inquisitive cat, poised and alert, glides gracefully in this beautiful fold.

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