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Michael Michaud Ginkgo Single Drop Pearl Necklace

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Brand Michael Michaud

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Simple, elegant, stunning are just three words to describe American designer Michael Michaud's single drop pearl necklace. A single leaf gracefully sits on the neck and is finished with a lustrous pearl.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this necklace is reminiscent of a droplet of spring dew on a young leaf. Delicate and feminine, Michael Michaud has succeeded in infusing the effortless beauty of nature into timeless pieces of jewellery.





American designer house Michael Michaud Jewellery sees nature as the ultimate art and infuses this passion in exquisite items of jewellery. Michael Michaud himself has created collections for the Victoria & Albert Museum and The National Gallery in London.

From his delicate pea pod necklace which is crafted in bronze and finished with freshwater pearls to his sage leaf earrings, Michael Michaud’s passion for high quality and unique jewellery shines through.

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