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Lush Designs Landscape Lampshade


Brand Lush Designs

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This gorgeous lampshade by Lush Designs depicts a lovely landscape scene, full of rolling hills, scattered trees and misty clouds against a bright sky. This design is available in either shades of green or shades of red and pink. Both colourways will fill your home with beautifully softened light in soothing colours. Bring the English countryside indoors with this delightful lampshade, for either ceiling or lampbase fixtures. 


35cm dia x 26cm

43cm dia x 35cm

18.5cm dia x 22cm

Truly unique lampshades courtesy of Lush Designs of Greenwich and the creative partnership between Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. Both Marie and Maria trained in Painting and Printmaking at Maidstone Art College and they have not looked back since. Made in their studio in London, they design a wonderful array homeware, including lampshades, cushions, tea towels and aprons.

Their passion for originality shines through in their creations and is embodied across their striking Wild Pig collection and their quirky Red Fox collection. Marie and Maria have successfully managed to convey a story through their vivid application of colour and design whatever you choose.

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