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Jane Austen's Guide To Modern Life Dilemmas


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Jane Austen is more of a celebrity now than she was in her lifetime. If she had been alive now, there is no doubt she would have had her own column in an upmarket glossy magazine as the resident agony aunt. Unfortunately, she did not get the opportunity, so Jane Austens Guide to Modern Lifes Dilemmas is a crack at showing what it might have been like. A smart and sassy look at modern work, home, and romantic dilemmas answered not by Jane Austen herself, but using her clear-eyed and witty view. Using quotations from her books, letters, and unpublished writing as back-up, this book will make you laugh and think.

Written by Rebecca Smith, the great great great great great niece of Jane Austen herself, who is the first official Writer in Residence at Jane Austen's House Museum.

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