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Hannah Nunn - Goldenrod Table Lamp


Brand Hannah Nunn

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Make a statement in your home by owning this tall, goldenrod table lamp by British designer Hannah Nunn. With its long cascade of luminous flowers, the lamp will bring a naturalistic feel to any room whilst providing a warm, calming glow. 

Ideally a perfect choice for the corner of a living room or bedroom, however, the neutrality and minimalism of the lamp's design will ensure that it fits in and elevates any room in which it is placed.

Height: 42cm
Diameter: 13cm



Based in Hebden Bridge and originally from Leeds, Hannah Nunn is passionate about lighting. She studied the art of paper craft working in Wales and became inspired by the rugged beauty of the area. Combining an artistic flair for paper-cut design with her natural affinity for high quality illustration, Hannah Nunn designs and creates beautiful floor lamps, table lamps and candle covers.

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