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Gillian Arnold Dandelion Cuff


Brand Gillian Arnold

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This piece is set against a turquise back ground and displays splayed dandelion heads in all their glory with the perfect details of their spiked leaves. There are gorgeous veins of red running into the piece from either side of the main feature, an intricate purple print of the flower. The underside is a bright turquoise. 


The aluminium band measures 16cm x 4cm before hammering, and is 7cm diameter once finished.

Each cuff comes packaged in a black recycled card box.



Gillian Arnold is a British designer who has created these stunning hand hammered cuffs that come in a wide range of designs, ensuring there is one for everyone. The cuffs have enough give in them to fit to your wrist but are very sturdy and feel solid whilst wearing them. Each one is adorned with a botanical design in a range of colours and as they are crafted by hand each one is unique. 


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