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Christmas store Oxford

It’s finally happening, tinsel is creeping into shop windows, novelty ties are on the shelves and Christmas card lists have been shortened accordingly. It can only mean one thing, Christmas is coming! The wonderful time of year where you are morally obliged to feed the family you haven’t seen since last Christmas and you will attempt to make your house look like a Macy’s window display whilst working a full time job.

We can’t decorate the tree or peel the potatoes but we can offer you a little winter solace in the form of making gift buying as easy as possible. Podarok is an independent shop that is truly different, located on the Oxford High Street, the shop carries a huge range of stunning items. From hand printed lampshades to hand crafted jewellery, with so many unique products we feel there is very little chance of getting the same gift twice. Most of our gorgeous goodies are made by hand, meaning that many of our suppliers can make bespoke items and offer custom designs.

See, that’s what we feel makes us a little bit different, unlike other companies we chat to our suppliers all the time and are always looking at ways to promote products and support up and coming designers. As we are in close contact with our suppliers, we get to hear about all the exciting things they have planned and offer our customers something really alternative. We believe that there is something extra special about receiving a handmade gift, which has unique qualities created because of the time and thought that goes into each design.

Why not pay Podarok a visit this Christmas for an incredible range of one off and hand made pretties. Also, by supporting your local gift shop, you can ensure we’ll be there next Christmas to help you out all over again.

Podarok, 55 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AS, United Kingdom