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You can’t put it off any longer, the decorations are creeping onto the high street, Advent calendars are on the shelves and wishlists have been written. Yes, it can only mean one thing, Christmas is coming, the joyful time of year where you get bombarded in the high street attempting to find the perfect gift for a distant Aunt.

We can’t cook the turkey or buy the tree but we can offer you a little winter solace by helping you pick the perfect gift. Podarok is truly a unique place. Located on Bene’t Street, the shop hosts a wide variety of gorgeous products. From hand printed lampshades to hand stitched mice, we feel there is very little chance of someone getting the same gift twice. Yes you heard it right, many of our products are completely hand made and some of our suppliers can even offer custom designs.

See that’s the thing, at Podarok we like to think of ourselves at a little bit different. Instead of having large scale suppliers with faceless interaction, we know the majority of our designers personally. Not only does this mean that we can hear about the new products they are planning, but also builds a great relationship for our customers as we can offer products that really won’t be seen anywhere else. We believe that there is something extra special about receiving a handmade gift a uniqueness created through the time and thought that goes into each item.

So pay Podarok a visit this Christmas for an incredible range of one off and hand made goodies. Also, by supporting your local gift shop, you can ensure we’ll be there next Christmas to help you out all over again.

Find your local Christmas shop on 12 Bene't Street. Below is a map to help you find your way to our magic boutique. You can get in touch by emailing us or calling on 01223 314411.