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Draculette's Awakening







Draculette was a truly fabulous vampire. Famed for her beautiful gowns, gorgeous jewellery and stunning bags, she filled her glamorous crypt 

with it all. She wanted to wake up surrounded by memories of her traveled and fabulous life, not just some dusty stones and long burned-out torches. Every few decades or so, Draculette would awaken from her deep vampiric slumber and every time she did she felt a sudden urge to go out, to wander. She'd been on many travels to exotic and far away places in her life and would always find a little something to bring back and remind her of each place.

Her dress for instance - beautiful isn't it? It's the newest addition to her collection and it's only ninety years old. She acquired it on her journey across Australia while stopping at the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay. She thought the stars looked ethereal reflecting on the mirrored pane of the still, midnight seas. It was the roaring twenties and she longed for a new party dress. She came upon a little shop with mesmerising fabrics - all painted with the wings of exotic birds. She knew immediately: she must have a wingspan gown! She was entranced by the deep blue, purple and green feathers - "bats aren't the only one's to fly you know" she would giggle.

Now it was here, in Australia, that Draculette finally became bored with only venturing out into the world at night. She longed to be around people and see the vibrancy of Australia in it's full colour. Now if you know anything about Vampires you know that they are somewhat adverse to the naked sun's rays, to put it lightly. So, to combat this, Draculette purchased some beautiful, lolita-like, black and grey umbrellas to use as parasols. No more slinking around by the safety of the Moon, no, Draculette was unleashed into the daylight. Not a feat that many vampires had attempted before her, she felt herself brimming with new vigour as she saw the world in fresh light. 

Always one to accessorise, Draculette paired her new wingspan gown with two gorgeous pendant necklaces she found when on her adventure in Victorian England. Her husband Dracula, ever the hopeless romantic, took her to the Lake District for their three hundredth wedding anniversary. It was there that he surprised her with the two pendants. She was overjoyed - she had a particular weakness for deep, dark jewels you see - she adored anything with a dark sparkle. 

Now, Draculette, not only a lover of all things fashionable, was a lover of books also. Mythology, science, philosophy, fiction, she could read it all - goodness knows she had the time. She had a particular love for the myth and lore that surrounded her own kind and other supernatural creatures - Monsters and Curious beasts as some would call them. Also, while on her time England she grew fond of the stories of Sherlock Holmes, even the legend that surrounded the character and author himself.

And of course, we must not forget the stunning Russian Shawl cape: heirloom to her vampiric family for seven generations. In the traditional family colours of black and red, this cape was bestowed unto Draculette by her Grandmother who still lives in Russia on the Vokhna river near the town of Pavlovsky Posad. From Transylvania to Croatia to Russia and now in Oxford, this cape finally found itself at home in what is possibly the most glamorous Vampire Crypt of all time. It has seen many an adventure...but those stories are for another time.
October 16, 2016 by Beverly Small
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