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Happy Alice In Wonderland Day!

It was Alice In Wonderland day here in Oxford on the 4th of July! There were many festivities going on in the city centre and we decided to celebrate such an exciting and Oxfordian occasion by creating a beautiful window display inspired by everything Alice In Wonderland. Featuring the infamous cheshire cat, the famous tea party scene and the playing card army, it is a window display Lewis Carroll would be proud of. Designed and created by our resident window display mastermind, Amy.

Products featured: 

  • Caroline Walker crockery
  • Hudson and Middleton mugs
  • Alice In Wonderland jewellery boxes
  • waving Queen's and Einstein
  • Urban Graphics mugs
  • Craig Fellows scarves and purses
  • Kikkerland tea infusers
  • Clare Phillips Oxford landmark prints
  • Hannah Nunn table lamps
  • InHouse clocks


August 17, 2015 by Beverly Small
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