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Russian Shawl Window


We have a new window display!

It's another makeshift gown, like the fabulous peace of mind scarf gown of the previous display, but this one is made of our Russian Shawls. Beautiful deep indigos and violets mixed with cream, pink and orange compile to make this larger-than-life piece. The size and versatility of the shawls is really shown off with brightly coloured Lush lampshades accenting the display.It is spring after all, so it's time for the bright colours to make a comeback!

To add a little more fun and humour to the window, two prints hang behind the gown; the birthday bear and 'in a while crocodile'.

Products used: 
Large and small Russian Shawls in: orange, fuchsia, cream, indigo and purple. 

Lush lampshades in: turquoise siskin, mint wild pigs, gold owl, red stag, green townscape and blue monkey.

Prints in: In a While Crocodile and Up and Away Bear.

April 23, 2015 by Beverly Small
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