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Oxford Autumnal Window

So as I wander into work last week, picking leaves out of my hair and wearing the thickest wooly tights I could find, I saw a figure in the window. My immediate thought (and secret hope) was that our Podarok bear had finally come to life but on closer inspection our lovely minion was creating a new window display. Balancing precariously in a furore of paper leaves and fishing wire Beverly was surrounded by all our autumnal goodies. The window is themed around a windy day with Russian scarves laced over a wooden ladder and an array of leather satchels helping complete the scene. It started to take shape through the day with cute cutout leaves made by Beverly herself and as I had another peek in the afternoon, as if by magic there were Fox and Chave ties suspended from the ceiling. All in all it took four hours to complete and you can see there wasn’t a minute wasted.

Another favourite from the window has been our solar powered queen who waves continuously throughout the day much like Liz herself and is joined by her obedient corgis who wag their heads. The window has lead to an abundance of people snapping sneaky selfies with the display and fully posing pretending to be blown away in the wind. The design has perfectly captured the essence of autumn and makes me crave a wooly jumper and hot chocolate every time I look at it.

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