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Roses for a Valentine

With arms full of sweet  pinks and rich reds, Anna carried her haul around her usual route: two cafe's, a small florist, a grand mansion and a french restaurant, Le Petit Chateau. She had been delivering on this route for nearly two years. Most of her clients ordered different flowers each time but not Le Petit Chateau. The owner, Theo Gerard, always requested the same three flowers: "larkspur for levity, daffodils for chivalry and peonies for romance and prosperity"he said they were "for the joy and good luck of his patrons".

   Each week she would deliver her flowers and each week she would come to her last stop, greeted with a warm, wide smile from Theo. He was always holding two cups of Parisian hot chocolate for them to share. They would sit and talk about their lives and the world around them; about her love of flora and his love of food. She would say "thank you' and he would say "no, thank you for bringing me the most beautiful bouquets for my diners". He would display her blooms as decorations and majestic centrepieces all around the restaurant, with a few singular stems placed in delicate vases on the more intimate tables. Seeing her work used so charmingly filled her with pride. 
February 06, 2017 by Beverly Small

A Traveller And A Merchant

Four days I'd spent out there. Four days sledding, skiing and wading through the icy, white landscape. Some would call it merciless or unforgiving but the plush, pale scene was, to me, utterly beautiful. The green of the trees was peeking out under their new, white winter coats and their titan height would humble even the most experienced traveller. 

I was going back to my winter homestead - a cosy little cabin, halfway up the mountain.

Thank goodness I had my Solmate socks, mittens and hat along with me or I might have been lost to the frost that the fresh morning winds brought around. 

The next day I woke with the sunrise and set out to continue my journey. It was not long before I came across a man stopped in front of a particularly tall snowdrift. A group of tethered huskies were yowling next to an upturned sled.
November 28, 2016 by Beverly Small

The Laboratory

In a dank basement, riddled with cobwebs, thick bursts of smoke and clouds of mist bubbled from beakers, flasks and pipes. There were books on science and creatures and beasts stacked up everywhere, like mountains. In amongst the piles of papers and notebooks lay little trinkets and tools: a pen that was also a screwdriver and a ruler, a watch made completely of wood and even necklaces made of butterfly wings - probably intended for some minuscule flying device. In the midst of it all stood a young man: hunched over a table covered with notebooks and beakers and bunsen burners. His arms swung about frantically; it's a wonder he didn't slosh his experiments all over the place. Pencil in one hand and test tube in the other, this utterly mad scientist was concocting something insidious. 

October 17, 2016 by Beverly Small

Draculette's Awakening

Draculette was a truly fabulous vampire. Famed for her beautiful gowns, gorgeous jewellery and stunning bags, she filled her glamorous crypt 

with it all. She wanted to wake up surrounded by memories of her traveled and fabulous life, not just some dusty stones and long burned-out torches. Every few decades or so, Draculette would awaken from her deep vampiric slumber and every time she did she felt a sudden urge to go out, to wander. She'd been on many travels to exotic and far away places in her life and would always find a little something to bring back and remind her of each place.

October 16, 2016 by Beverly Small

The Oxford shop is...Under the Sea!

Today we introduce our lovely Salleane's first window to the shop! She worked hard to create an 'under the sea' themed wonderland and I think we can all agree that she has done so fabulously. Drawings of fish, crustaceans and seaweed cover the window panes with oodles of products peeping out behind them including: lots of Yoshi and Bylin bags, the waving Queens and Einstein and even some pirate mice!

Look's like someone went fishing in our shop and caught all of our Yoshi coin purses and some other bits and bobs too! But they just missed out on the pirate chest full of Podarok booty: Tommy and Zac earrings, Purple cufflinks, Kikkerland tea infusers and the As Nice As Mice pirate and diver mice.

October 03, 2015 by Beverly Small

Happy Alice In Wonderland Day!

It was Alice In Wonderland day here in Oxford on the 4th of July! There were many festivities going on in the city centre and we decided to celebrate such an exciting and Oxfordian occasion by creating a beautiful window display inspired by everything Alice In Wonderland. Featuring the infamous cheshire cat, the famous tea party scene and the playing card army, it is a window display Lewis Carroll would be proud of. Designed and created by our resident window display mastermind, Amy.

Products featured: 

  • Caroline Walker crockery
  • Hudson and Middleton mugs
  • Alice In Wonderland jewellery boxes
  • waving Queen's and Einstein
  • Urban Graphics mugs
  • Craig Fellows scarves and purses
  • Kikkerland tea infusers
  • Clare Phillips Oxford landmark prints
  • Hannah Nunn table lamps
  • InHouse clocks


August 17, 2015 by Beverly Small

Russian Shawl Window


We have a new window display!

It's another makeshift gown, like the fabulous peace of mind scarf gown of the previous display, but this one is made of our Russian Shawls. Beautiful deep indigos and violets mixed with cream, pink and orange compile to make this larger-than-life piece. The size and versatility of the shawls is really shown off with brightly coloured Lush lampshades accenting the display.It is spring after all, so it's time for the bright colours to make a comeback!

To add a little more fun and humour to the window, two prints hang behind the gown; the birthday bear and 'in a while crocodile'.

Products used: 
Large and small Russian Shawls in: orange, fuchsia, cream, indigo and purple. 

Lush lampshades in: turquoise siskin, mint wild pigs, gold owl, red stag, green townscape and blue monkey.

Prints in: In a While Crocodile and Up and Away Bear.

April 23, 2015 by Beverly Small

New spring window at the Oxford shop!

Hooray spring is here! 

With the new season comes a whole bunch of fabulous new products and of course new window displays for our Oxford shop. Here we see a gown made from a variety from our range of Peace of Mind scarves, a tower of our gorgeous Lush lampshades and a pretty pink vintage design umbrella surrounded by a gaggle of little origami cranes and swans - so cute!

Anyone feel like a spring-time stroll?


March 30, 2015 by Beverly Small

Christmas Present Window Oxford

Another festive window showcasing gorgeous products from, InHouse Clocks, Alex Monroe, By-lin Bags, Lush Designs, Caroline Walker, Amica and our stunning Russian shawls. Have a look at our Christmas collection to get your festive feelings flowing.


Oxford Christmas Windows

Oxford has unveiled a winter wonderland scene using gorgeous items from Lush designs, Russian Shawls, By-lin, In House clocks, Scaramanga satchels and lanterns from A Northern Light and Hannah Nunn.


December 23, 2014 by Elena Hunt