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Summer Fruits...

I never ever thought I would say this, but it is a little too hot! Actually who am I kidding, I am absolutely loving the warm weather as it gives me a chance to show off some of the many many, many dresses that I have been collecting, (another one of my little vices) since last summer.

An outfit though, is never quite perfect without the right jewellery. Whether it is the lovely little black dress, that just needs a little splash of colour, or your favourite maxi, crying out a for a delicate necklace, you will be sure to find the perfect accessory at Podarok. For me, I love beautiful earrings and I sometimes like to be a bit bold and accessorise with a pretty bracelet for special occasions. But, it is so difficult to find feminine jewellery that is innovative, expertly made and reasonably priced.

Michael Michaud’s jewellery range is all of the above and more. An American designer, his Peapod Necklace is his signature piece and features three lustrous pearls set in a hand painted bronze peapod. Delicate and eye catching, his jewellery is amazingly creative and his attention to detail is breathtaking. I am always impressed by his imagination and as a lover of earrings, have a soft spot for his Morello Cherry Drop Earrings. Made from hand formed coloured glass, the little cherries reflect the light, making them perfect for a wedding, regatta or even a cheeky summer BBQ!

Here at Podarok, we stock a wide selection of his stunning jewellery including the Myrtle, Gingko, Lily of the Valley and Raspberry ranges. Why not pop in this summer and have a look at our collection, with his pieces starting from just £60 it seems wrong not to treat yourself.
July 17, 2013 by Daliah Bond
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