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Twilight Tealight Twinkle Temptations...

This week we received a new delivery of rotary candle holders from Pluto Produkter, a wonderful family-run company in Sweden. These are small tealight holders with spinning figures that use the heat of the candle to turn and twinkle, reflecting the light of the flame.

When I was a child, I remember an Angel candle holder that my family brought out every Christmas for dinner, and it always filled me with awe. Watching those little figures turn, wondering how it was done, it was such a simple idea, but I was enthralled. That excitement lives with me to this day, and I am delighted to pass that on to you.

The new designs are just as magical, but now suitable for everyday use, at the dinner table, as a pretty distraction, or a fun gift to amuse and enjoy. Our original range had Fairies, Devils, Goldfish, Hearts and Birthday Cakes, and now it is expanded to include Owls, Unicorns, Cherry Blossom, Bird Cages, Sharks, Guitars and Cats!

How about using them as a pretty table decoration for a dinner party or birthday? Or better yet, our Heart Design would look lovely on simply decorated tables for your wedding. The candles included burn for around 6 hours solid, so they would last all evening,and at only £8.50 each, they are an elegant alternative to expensive centrepieces.

We love putting them in our windows to attract attention, they really catch the light!

- By Amy

June 17, 2013 by Andrey Pronin
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