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Spring at Podarok

Spring has been a busy and exciting time for us here at Podarok. We have a wonderful new manager Amy, who loves creating lovely window displays with amazing artistic flair! The shop feels like a mystical fairy wonderland...

We’ve also introduced two new lines to our expanding bag and satchel family. Scaramanga joins our family of stunning satchels and Betty and Betts complements our selection of expertly designed leather bags.

Scaramanga uses traditional techniques to create quality handmade leather satchels. Their satchels really do cater for every use and taste. Their traditional satchel holds just about everything bar the kitchen sink and their smaller mini satchels are great as an all round day bag. There is just too much choice!

Bags are my weakness (one of many, then comes shoes, dresses, earrings...) and despite promising not to buy it (we’ll see), my favourite has to be VidaVida’s 3-in-1 satchel. Yes, it transforms from a normal satchel, to a backpack, to a day bag in a flash! It answers so many prayers, now after a crazy library run or shopping stint, you can simply pop your goodies into your backpack and off you go. And the best thing of all is that these bags are made of the best materials from small crafting families, so the bags are a guilt free shopping pleasure.

And if one new supplier wasn’t enough to tempt me, we also have the lovely mini satchels from the ladies at Betty and Betts! Lifelong friends, they love fashion, leather bags and making a difference. You really have to see (and feel) the buttery soft leather to appreciate how cute they are. They come in five colours, but I am rather taken with the plum or maybe the cherry red...

As much as I love bags, we haven’t forgotten that guys like bags too! We have a stunning overlander for those of you who like an adventure (with your essentials of course) as well as all of our satchels. Why not pop in and have a look around? Amy and I would love to see you. Just in time for Father’s Day too, we have lovely cufflinks and woven silk ties at a fantastic 15% off until the big day. Show dad how much you love him!

June 11, 2013 by Daliah Bond
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