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We've expanded our jewellery section!

We've expanded our jewellery section!

Andrey and I were up until the wee hours last night shuffling things round in the shop to make room for two new jewellery cabinets, and rearranging all the jewellery like a pair of fussy magpies, to make way for our new arrivals!

On our scouting trips to the London and Birmingham trade shows we discovered some wonderful artists, and we are so excited that their work will be arriving in our shop this week! We are ecstatic to introduce: Michael Michaud, Auren, Chris Lewis and Laura Gravestock.

Connecticut based Michael Michaud's takes real little bits of nature (leaves, berries, and seed pods) and makes molds from them, which he then uses to cast beautiful bronze jewellery. The end result is painted to give it a lustrous, antique feel. We are in no doubt that these pieces will be an instant favourite.

Also hot off the jewellery making table is our new collection Auren. Designed and handmade in Hatton Garden, Auren's jewellery brings together real diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and semi-precious stones, and sets them in 22ct gold plated silver. These are real, quality, hand-cut stones, but with one or two noughts missing off the end of the price!

We hope our expansion will mean there's something for every taste, and every pocket. We have also recently welcomed Tommy and Zac's beautiful material-covered studs, hand made in England using beautiful imported Japanese fabrics. At £6 a pair they will brighten-up any rainy day.

March 17, 2013 by Andrey Pronin
Tags: Jewellery
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