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Podarok 2.0

So. It is finally here. 2 years after our inception, Podarok is opening another store.

It has been a long, hard journey for us, with lots of pitfalls along the way, and we are so happy to say that is is because of these setbacks that we have ended up finding THE PERFECT store, instead of settling for one we were unsure about.

Andrey and Amy are the team behind searching for potential premises, and they have been all over London and Oxford searching for the shop that could be our bear cave. We have seen zombie style shopping centres, poky little holes, hidden coal cellars (scary!), streets that close at the weekend, and hipster art spaces.

Finally, after almost giving up, Andrey literally stumbled on our new shop, on the High St - We had not seen it advertised, and so we pounced! Months of legal bizzle and paperwork later and the shop is ours.

Here starts the next chapter of Podarok. As the company expands, we will be able to bring you even more beautiful things to covet, and we are not stopping here!

Our wonderful freshly promoted Store Manager Vincent will be running the Cambridge shop from now on, with Amy Managing Oxford and training new Minions.

Here is to a crazy Christmas, we will see you soon, and please BEAR with us while we get started!

September 17, 2014 by Amy Hawes
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