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Beautiful Bags

Let's face it, in this day and age of needing at least five or six gadgets with you at all times, plus your wallet, purse, book, school work, university work, ANY work, having a great bag in which to keep everything safe and sound is at the top of many people's priority list! We here at Podarok believe that having a sturdy possession holder does not mean having to sacrifice a sense of fashion and style. Here are a few select brands that we stock, some of our most successful and most beautiful bags!


One of our most popular brands, Dutch company by-Lin specialise in creating unique and originally shaped leather bags for women who want something a little different to the norm. Inspired by the Amsterdam tulip, by-Lin's signature design and product is shaped just like the head of the famous flower, fastening and unfastening in the same manner as a blossoming bud. Other items in the range include coin purses and clutches themed like talas leaves and daun leaves, and the expert designers at the heart of the process really bring the best out of the organic patterns of nature.

Vida Vida

Looking for something a little more traditional and conventional? Vida Vida might just be the brand for you. They produce a wide range of different sized satchels and messenger bags with sturdy, long lasting metal buckles that ensure all of your valuables are kept safe and sound. Vida Vida as a company are very ethically aware, and only use leather that has become available as a bi-product of food manufacture rather than an animal being used solely for the purposes of fashion. The naturally sun tanned leather gives a feel of real luxury, resulting in a bag you will love forever!

Corticeira Viking

And for those who like their fashion and accessories to be even more ethically and environmentally considerate, joint Portuguese and Swedish venture company Corticeira Viking produce an entire range of bags made completely from cork. That's right, cork! Don't be fooled by the thought of the material, these bags are as sturdy and secure as they come and certainly stand out from the crowd in terms of originality and unusual materials! The selection covers all required areas from handbags to purses to briefcases and smaller messenger bags, why not treat yourself to more than one and own a complete cork set!


Back to something a little more traditional looking, this leather satchels and messenger bags from Scaramanga are perfect for hoisting all your goods around in a rustic stylish fashion. The distressed leather of the bags evoke a warm, worn quality that is reassuring in a trusty shoulder companion. Available in plenty of difference shapes and sizes, particularly designed to accommodate several sizes of laptop, these sturdy bags are equipped for the modern age whilst at the same time looking like a piece of vintage fashion. Perfect!

August 24, 2014 by Amy Andrews
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