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Seven Subtle Products For A Keen Film Fan

Something that the team here at Podarok have discovered as we search for great products is that many of them appear to pay subtle tribute to popular films and their characters. Whether they intentionally pay homage or not, a number of the designers featured in our store and on our website have created some perfect items that would suit a keen fan of film who does not necessarily want to display their love for cinema in the most obvious and outlandish ways. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Lush Designs Brown Monkey Lampshade - (Where The Wild Things Are)

First a beloved children's book written by Maurice Sendak in 1963, Where The Wild Things Are was adapted for the big screen to critical acclaim in 2009. Both the source material illustrations and the aesthetic look of the film are quirky and whimsical with a hint of magic, and these vibes are perfectly captured and replicated in the designs of Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings of Lush Designs. Their range of lampshades, this cheeky brown monkey in particular, really evoke the curious and mischievous tone of Spike Jonze's film adaptation. 

2. Vida Vida Leather Satchel - (Wes Anderson)

Wes Anderson has been one of the most consistently impressive and innovative filmmakers in the past twenty years, and any lover of his work will know that his aesthetic style is almost instantly recognisable. From Moonrise Kingdom, to his latest triumph The Grand Budapest Hotel, to even his exceptional animated presentation of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Anderson's whimsical, almost timeless yet undeniably fashionable sense of style is apparent throughout, and items such as this classic leather satchel from Vida Vida are certainly resemblant of the fashion within his motion pictures.

3. Mary Fellows Cufflinks - (Star Wars)

Granted, these quirky designer cufflinks by Mary Fellows may not be the most subtle of film references, but they are the smart option for a Star Wars enthusiast who just can not get away with bringing his light sabre to a wedding or formal party. The appeal of George Lucas' epic science fiction saga is evident in the generations that is has captivated, and with the news of three more instalments heading our way, now would be the perfect time to invest a small token of your appreciation for one of the greatest franchises ever committed to celluloid. (Except Phantom Menace, we must never talk of Phantom Menace.)

4. CARDINKY Tea-Rex Print - (Jurassic Park)

Do you still have nightmares over that cup of water beginning to ominously ripple? I do. Combine your love of Steven Spielberg's classic nineties adventure with your more matured, age acquired love for a good cup of tea with this amusing art print by Dannyboy over at CARDINKY. Just like Star Wars, Jurassic Park is due for another instalment in 2015, so now is a better time than ever to stake your claim as one of the original fans by purchasing this quirky tribute to one of cinema's greatest ever tiny armed villains.

5. Origami Jewellery Gold Crab Necklace - (The Little Mermaid)

Yes, Ariel had a lovely voice, Prince Eric had a lovely chin and Flounder had lovely stripes, but we all know that the real star of The Little Mermaid was Sebastian the crab. Regarded as the film that started a second golden age for the beloved animation studio, the 1989 film from Disney was the last to be completely hand drawn, and what better way to pay tribute to one of the greatest cartoons of all time than be wearing a stylish resemblance of its scene stealing Rastafarian sidekick, expertly crafted by Origami Jewellery.

6. Pluto Produkter Shark Rotary Candle Holder - (Jaws)

Dun dun, dun dun, dun dun. A sound that will always send a shiver down one’s spine. Though Steven Spielberg’s 1975 oceanic masterpiece did little to help the Great White shark’s reputation, the film caught the imagination of the world and this simple yet stylish rotary candle holder from Pluto Produkter serves as an elegant nod to the film that made all of us afraid to go in the water. Whether you are a diehard Spielberg fan or a connoisseur of horror, let a shark put a smile on your face for once rather than make you hide behind a cushion!

7. Kate Lycett Bunting Lantern - (The Illusionist)

The Illusionist, or L'Illusionniste as it was originally titled, is a French/British animated feature released in 2010 that contained some of the most enjoyable and whimsical animation and story telling of the last five years. This same magical quality is replicated by British artist Kate Lycett in her stunning paper cut tea light lanterns, one would be forgiven for mistaking her creations for scenes from the film. The illustrations manage to be simplistic yet utterly intricate at the same time, much like the animated versions of London and Edinburgh that we see in The Illusionist. A delightful gift for a fan of French cinema or whimsical animation in general.

May 14, 2014 by Amy Andrews
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