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Calling all Podarokians, new face alert!

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amy Andrews and I am the newest member of the Podarok team. As frequent visitors to our flagship store in Cambridge will know, Podarok is a truly unique boutique full of personality and wonderful gifts, and the task has been bestowed upon me to reach out to the online visitors of our website to try to inject some of that refreshing personality in to our ever expanding internet presence. It is becoming increasingly clear that the online world is equally important when it comes to shopping, but if we're being honest, you can never really replicate the enjoyment of an afternoon out with your friends browsing the aisles and spreading the gossip. This, hopefully, is where I come in. 

The aim here at is to offer our visitors something a little more personal than your average, faceless and voiceless experience at any number of online stores. Through the reboot of this blog, we are hoping to add some much needed character and identity to what in the past, for other shops, has been a rather sterile environment. We all know that the aim is for you to spend some money, but why does this have be an experience completely devoid of personality? This blog is going to be the bridge between e-commerce and the thoughtful, passionate people behind the computer screens.

So, what kinds of things can you expect to see on our renovated blog? It will be a hub for both the creative and the practical, with vital news updates on the store being delivered to you as well as articles written by yours truly along the lines of 'Six Subtle Products For A Keen Film Fan' and 'Five Items For A Perfect Office'. Our store manager in Cambridge, Amy Hawes, is renowned for her excellent taste in music and is constantly complimented on her choices for the shop, and we are excited about the idea of sharing with you a regularly updated Spotify playlist giving you a flavour of the Podarok style. The team here are forever on the lookout for the freshest, most desired and most beautiful products for you to get your hands on, and you can expect to see a lot of designer features letting you get to know the brilliant artists behind the items on sale. So many ideas and lots of time to get through all of them, what a luxury! I hope you come to enjoy reading this blog as much as you enjoy browsing the unique and varied products that Podarok have to offer. Fingers crossed and until next time, here is a great quote from Elbert Hubbard, "positive anything is better than negative nothing".

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