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Putting a Spring in your step!

Well, it looks like spring is finally here! We have been super busy over the last couple of months, like a team of Squirrels feverishly looking for those nuts, except our nuts are new pretty things for you! (One of our new jewellery ranges may actually contain nuts (and squirrels!)) We found the most amazing handmade bronze and copper pendulum clocks, with such designs as “Cat among the chickens” and “Running Hare’ - you can imagine they look fantastic! We have also expanded our range of Steampunk jewellery, as it has proved so popular we had to give it more space! Both Our ‘Monkey Shirley’ and ‘Purple Penguin’ designers have been working extra hard on new designs for us, and they are now in the store (selected ranges to be put online).




We introduced a range of eco-friendly cork designer bags last year, which sold out very quickly, so we will be sure to bring them back in with extras very soon, but in the meantime we will be introducing a new range of eco bags from Paguro. They are made from tyre inner tubes! These bags look super stylish and modern, and if you don’t like them, the Podarok minions will buy them all anyway mwahahaha!



Lastly, Podarok is going to be co-ordinating the final Catwalk show of the Cambridge Style week. We will be showcasing Michael Michaud’s new ranges alongside some more of our newer designers. Come and see us! We will greet you with special offers and smiles.

One last thing - if you guys ever see anything that you think we should sell, please let us know! We love to give a platform to artists and designers from everywhere, and we are happy to work with new artists to find out what works best in a retail environment. We are always willing to try new ideas, so please give us lots of feedback and we will work hard to make our company into something that you really want.


March 11, 2014 by Amy Hawes
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